Le Porteur Custom Bicycle by Detail Design

Handmade English Oak wood slats, set of 4: includes stainless steel or brass hardware (which ever you prefer) + special attachment clamps.
Varnished to the colour of your choice. We matched our colour to our tan leather accessories but we are going to offer a range of colours from light to dark oak stain.
Each set is unique and is made from only the finest grade English Oak.
The slats can be adjusted into any position from no spacing to wide spacing & hanging off the front edge for more rack area. The kit can be used with or without the removable Porteur rail which is available from Velo Orange.

Price: £30 + p&p  (we will ship wordwide)

For more information please get in touch with us @ info@detailweb.co.uk

The porteur chrome rack is manufactured by a company called Velo Orange and can be purchased seperately from here:
UK Customers

Non UK Customers


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