Bicycle Bathroom Vanity

Based in New Orleans, artist Benjamin Bullins has repurposed a discarded bicycle into a beautiful and unique French-themed bathroom vanity. The bicycle’s handlebar basket was cleverly designed to hold towels right next to the sink. The entire bathroom was designed by Bullins, is currently for sale and includes a mirror made from a trombone case and light fixtures made from coach lights.

Benjamin Bullins is an award winning photographer and artist from New Orleans. He graduated from LSU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and also earned a Graphic Design degree from Delgado Community College. Benjamin lives in New Orleans with his wife, and currently works as a full time artist. His focus is creating sculptures that reflect the culture of New Orleans. Pre-Katrina, Benjamin worked in New Orleans as a professional photographer for editorial magazines, newspapers, and individual clients. He has been published in numerous editorial magazines and newspapers, including some national media. As a photographer, Benjamin likes to incorporate texture and vibrant colors into his work. As a sculptor, he is especially interested in found objects that can be assembled into creative works of art. The inspiration for Benjamin�s work usually lies within a single object that sparked an idea to create a specific theme. He will then use other materials to build the sculpture around that one element, focusing on composition and color to complete the piece. For several years, Benjamin has worked as an apprentice in the construction field, learning various trades. His art education combined with his construction background, and unique eye, gives him the talent to put objects together in a very creative way. The beauty of man-made objects, enhanced by natural elements, gives birth to a collection of art which Benjamin brings to life in each piece that he creates. Benjamin thanks the Lord everyday for his artistic talent.

Artist Benjamin Bullins gives the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” an entirely new meaning. Taking inspiration for a single object, he then uses other materials to build a sculpture that reflects the culture of his hometown of New Orleans. Often his work is functional art, like this French themed bathroom vanity designed around a discarded bicycle. A sleek, contemporary sink rests on a wooden board and is paired with a vintage single-hole faucet – love the porcelain drop handles. The basket is perfect for hand towels. The black and white checked floor tile pattern mimics checkered flags used when the winner of a race crosses the finish line – keeping with the room’s theme, since one origin theory claims the flags were first used in French 19th century bicycle races.

The mirror is another mixed media piece Bullins assembled from a trombone case – one side of the case was fashioned into the top of the mirror, while its handle and latches are at the bottom. A pair of coach lights gives a nod to a predecessor to the bicycle, horse drawn carriages. Don’t miss the semi-mount ceiling fixture peaking into the upper right corner that was made from a snare drum. The original mixed media vanity and mirror were still up for sale at press time. This pair will have us thinking twice before tossing something out with the trash.

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